Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scuttling High-Speed Rail Could Have Big Effect on Madison

Scuttling High-Speed Rail Could Have Big Effect on Madison: "'So, imagine this,' Cieslewicz wrote on his blog in May. 'You drive, ride your bike or take a bus to the new station. You grab some lunch at the public market or a nearby restaurant before you catch your train to Milwaukee. You spend an afternoon in Milwaukee doing business or visiting a museum or going to a Brewers game (if it's a ball game, the Brewers will win). You take the train back, enjoying the ride, maybe working on your laptop computer.'

Later in September, innovative local restaurateur Chris Berge announced he would be converting the high-end Norwegian Restaurant Magnus into a more affordable, bike-centric restaurant, a move he said then was sparked by the advent of the high-speed rail station.

But plans for downtown have changed dramatically since then."

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