Saturday, April 16, 2011

What do you want for Milwaukee public transit?

A Sustainable Future for Milwaukee Transportation: Brainstorming for Better Transit.

With Earth Day coming up, we want to develop a plan to improve our area's environment with better transit, based on what we as bus riders want and need. We would like anyone who has ideas to improve and expand our transit service here in Milwaukee and the surrounding area to come. Have you ever thought about how better it would be in Milwaukee if we had express bus service, hybrid buses, light rail or anything else?

For too long, the region has been arguing whether to cut bus service or maintain what we currently have. The problem is that what we currently have isn't enough, especially since we are dealing with the end of cheap gasoline and the effects of climate change. As bus riders, we should move the debate forward and talk about expanding transit and embracing new, green technologies to make it even more enviromentally friendly and passenger friendly. facebook event

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