Saturday, April 30, 2011

Harsdorf cannot get a signature for her own ballot

WI State Senator Under Recall Hammer Caught in Supreme Court Recount | AlterNet: "This is the same Senator that is co-sponsoring a voter ID bill. Much like asking Obama for his birth certificate this bill is code for something else. That code is restrict the poor, minorities, students, and elderly from voting. This is not the Wisconsin way. Harsdorf should be ashamed.

Volunteers collected 23,000 signatures to Recall Harsdorf. She didn't even get the one signature required for her to avoid the voters on election day.

More info at"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where have all the dollars gone? Gone to highways, every one. When will we ever learn?...

Streetsblog Capitol Hill » Scott Walker’s “Broke” Wisconsin Breaking the Bank for Highways: "It’s called austerity.

Unless you happen to be a road builder.

Then this budget is called a bonanza.

While other programs are cut, highway expansion projects totaling more than $400 million get the green light. Highway expansion raids the general fund of more than $140 million"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Transit ridership up, so Koch-puppets cut funding to force us back to cars

Live Reporting from the Wisconsin Protests | Center for Media and Democracy: "ridership of Madison public transportation in 2010 was the second highest in 40 years—13.6 million rides. About a third of last year’s rides were students getting to and from school or after-school activities and jobs, both K-12 and post-secondary; and about half of those rides were people commuting to and from work. These are all riders who would be negatively affected by the cuts.

The Governor’s budget would cut 10%, or $1.8 million, from public transit funding, but it would also source those funds from the general fund rather than the transportation fund, where it would face competition that might increase the cuts further in 2012."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Entitlement Hater Paul Ryan Was A Social Security Baby

Entitlement Hater Paul Ryan Was A Social Security Baby: "When Representative Paul Ryan was 16 years old , tragedy struck his family. His 55 year old father had passed away from a heart attack. Young Paul Ryan found his father’s lifeless body and was burdened by the fact that he had to tell his mother and siblings of this horrible situation.

After his father’s passing, young Paul Ryan started collecting social security benefits until the age of 18 years old. He took this benefit and saved it for his college education. Representative Paul Ryan is one example of the millions of people whose lives have depended on our social contract with the American people. Without this benefit, his mother would have had to make even tougher decisions and Representative Paul Ryan may not have been able to pay for his college education. This social contract lifted him and his entire family out of a tough situation."

Monday, April 18, 2011

ThinkProgress » Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch Industry’s Phosphorus Pollution In Wisconsin

ThinkProgress » Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch Industry’s Phosphorus Pollution In Wisconsin: "Koch’s Georgia Pacific plants are well known for releasing large amounts of phosphorus into Wisconsin’s waterways. A report by the state government showed that Georgia Pacific is responsible for about 9% of total phosphorus pollution in the Lower Fox River near Green Bay."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confused about the Tea Party? This should help.

What do you want for Milwaukee public transit?

A Sustainable Future for Milwaukee Transportation: Brainstorming for Better Transit.

With Earth Day coming up, we want to develop a plan to improve our area's environment with better transit, based on what we as bus riders want and need. We would like anyone who has ideas to improve and expand our transit service here in Milwaukee and the surrounding area to come. Have you ever thought about how better it would be in Milwaukee if we had express bus service, hybrid buses, light rail or anything else?

For too long, the region has been arguing whether to cut bus service or maintain what we currently have. The problem is that what we currently have isn't enough, especially since we are dealing with the end of cheap gasoline and the effects of climate change. As bus riders, we should move the debate forward and talk about expanding transit and embracing new, green technologies to make it even more enviromentally friendly and passenger friendly. facebook event

Monday, April 4, 2011

prorailaction : Message: Statewide Transit Meeting in Madison April 8

prorailaction : Message: Statewide Transit Meeting in Madison April 8: "The following message from Transit Now announces the next in a series of periodic meetings of statewide transit organizations hosted by the Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transit Association.

If you plan to attend, we've been advised that the passenger rail section of the meeting will be held sometime late morning or later.

ProRail Action

All transit partners and interested parties are invited....spread the word.

Gary Goyke and WURTA are hosting a statewide transit meeting on

Friday, April 8th
10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Inn on the Park

Box lunch provided (everyone will pitch in for their own)

This will be a update on all transportation. You are encouraged to show what you are doing around the budget, we can share ideas and collaborate and coordinate where beneficial.

Discussion and update will include:
Budget update
Legislative Fiscal Bureau budget paper
Report on first Budget hearing
JFC Budget Briefing
Budget repair Bill 13c collective bargaining update
Medical Transportation
Constitutional Amendment
RTA Repeal Bill
D.C. Advocacy trips
And more I’m sure...

See you next Friday—have a great weekend!


Kerry Thomas
Executive Director
Transit NOW