Monday, July 29, 2013

People speak up for #publictransit in Wausau

Ken Miller, of Wausau, waits for the disability ramp being load from Metro Ride bus Wednesday afternoon, March 7, 2012, near Riverview Towers in Wausau. / Daily Herald Media file photo "I am all for the sales tax proposal, and I doubt a penny on the dollar will dissuade any shoppers from visiting the area to shop, in fact it would enable more people to shop in Rothschild and Rib Mountain. I will contact my state senator and Rep. Mandy Wright with my support."

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mixed messages from Milwaukee County transit in bidding process

Public Investigator : ""In my experience, I've never seen a public agency bid in which they wanted you to spend so much," a person representing one of the bidders on the contract told the Journal Sentinel.

"Price counts for 20% (of the evaluation score), but you say you want to spend $164 million. They didn't make it explicit they were looking for savings to be plowed back into service.

"The taxpayers of Milwaukee County could easily wind up losing if they keep the same set of services and don't have savings that could be used to enhance services.""

Friday, July 19, 2013

NAOMI: "[public transit] is not an extra frill"

A bus headed to Shopko in Rothschild on Monday drives through the intersection of Scott and Third streets in downtown Wausau. / Dan Young/Daily Herald Media

City leaders seek mass transit tax | Wausau Daily Herald | "The local NAOMI bus task force, which has worked to expand mass transit in the metro area, supports the proposal.

“Transit isn’t a luxury, and it is not an extra frill; it’s a needed part of the community that impacts a tremendous amount of people,” said Jean Abreau, NAOMI chairwoman."