Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wisconsin DNR conducts armed raid of animal shelter. Why?

Justice for Giggles - the baby deer.: "KENOSHA, WI – When Wisconsiners sent in their hard earned tax money this year to the Government, they never knew their money would be spent on a highly organized Department of Natural Resources (DNR) raid sent in to eliminate a fawn.
Nine DNR agents and 4 Deputy Officers, all heavily armed, raided the shelter with the mission of detaining the shelter workers, and then targeting and destroying a two-week-old fawn named Giggles. The mission that was set in place by Chief Conservation Warden Randy Stark included a pre-raid aerial surveillance of the shelter and photos of the barn that housed Giggles."
Why not just send one or two unarmed agents and ask for the deer? Why aerial surveillance and a swat-team-like raid? People are shocked by the storm-trooper tactics of government over the last few years. But the 1% knows something they are not telling the public. Cheap oil has peaked. There will be no more growth. They are preparing for uprising and practicing their totalitarian response.